A thematic deconstruction of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist: is his Representation of the Female Misogynistic?

Legg, Charlie (2016) A thematic deconstruction of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist: is his Representation of the Female Misogynistic? BA dissertation, University of Portsmouth.

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    The infamous Danish film director Lars von Trier is widely known within the film industry for his notoriously controversial work. Many of von Trier’s critics have labelled him as a misogynist, that he has a personal dislike of women and enjoys filming and showing their distress, their struggle and ultimately their demise. The aim for this dissertation is to focus specifically on deconstructing the themes and the representation of the female in Antichrist (2009) and to achieve an academically positioned view on his supposed misogyny. By analysing the different components that present the struggling female in a variety of ways, I applied academic research to reinforce my analysis of the mise-en-scene and themes. Focusing on key feminist film theorists, such as Laura Mulvey, the representation of the female and the relationship that the characters have with one another allowed a more in-depth understanding of the gendered power dynamics within the film. Linda Badley’s thorough work on von Trier was vital when approaching the representation of the female and to acknowledge the wider context of von Trier’s work. By focusing on von Trier’s Scandinavian roots and the biblical themes within the film, I was able to produce a wider contextualised perspective on his representations and themes surrounding the female. I concluded the dissertation with two sections; concluding points and conclusion. The first formed a general discussion regarding what evidence I had found through my research and analysis, simultaneously noting key findings and information that indicated a more contextualised understanding of von Trier’s misogyny. In ending the dissertation, my final conclusion explores more thoroughly my previously mentioned key findings and explains what I have gathered to achieve my own understanding of von Trier’s supposed misogyny.

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