Sexual violence: a feminist, critical approach to pornography and Fifty shades of grey

Moyes, J. (2016) Sexual violence: a feminist, critical approach to pornography and Fifty shades of grey. BA dissertation, University of Portsmouth.

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    With many believing that women oppression is declining, this thesis and feminist approach to sexual violence will voice that women’s’ subjugation is still a contemporary issue. This dissertation aims to not only examine portrayals of sexual violence towards women but to also determine the links and ramifications of representations of women in mainstream culture, in relation to pornography and Fifty Shades of Grey. Divided into three chapters, each discussing how pornography and Fifty Shades has somewhat depicted sexual violence as mainstream and analytically undertaking the ramifications that follow these depictions. These chapters individually employ secondary research throughout, which gave overall method to determine the negative, misogynistic portrayals of violence against women. Feminist research allowed personal theory to reach greater lengths, as well as give a broader sense of the issues concerning sexual violence and male domination. Moreover, research suggested that recent developments in the making of norm, has opened up issues to real life violence against women, as well as bad misogynistic attitudes. This determined that desensitisation has the power to vulnerably change attitudes and has the potential to cause real life abuse towards women. The change of attitude established that the main issue lies within society and why the culture of today enjoys and demands these sexual violent representations. Women, are continually degraded in pornography and treated as the victim to the male, and the same goes to show in Fifty Shades of Grey, where the male lead takes clear domination over the female. The degrading representations of the female are firmly addressed, alongside strong research on why and how these representations are desensitised and demanded in modern culture. Therefore, this research project will conclude that women oppression whether unaware or not, is still stationary but the underlining issue is contemporary society.

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