The evolution of street arts culture, method and placement

Percival, Grace (2013) The evolution of street arts culture, method and placement. BA dissertation, University of Portsmouth.

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    Graffiti was formed at the beginning of our race, carved and sculpted into ancient cave walls. This form of once simple communication now has grown to be the solitary forbidden means of expression. Numerous contrasting opinions surround this immense street cultural movement: whether it is seen as art or vandalism; if the artists are producing their work due to meaningless boredom or a form of expressionism. The key aim of this study is determine whether this once urban art form has evolved into the mainstream, forgetting about the arts heritage, significance and subculture. Another driving factor behind this exploration of graffiti is to ascertain if graffiti has now evolved to a point where it has lost its original purpose of expressing negative opinions towards others. Secondary research shall look into how it has developed past drawings on a cave walls and what new methods are now being produced, from calligraphy styles to stencils. Also looking at how artist’s opinions now vary in why and where they produce their work and the meaning behind the piece, whether it is political or just for entertainment purposes. A brief insight on how the art has now developed further than the streets into people’s homes, into our high street stores, being used as music’s album artwork and even being auctioned at charity events. Primary research shall show members of the public’s opinions of this exciting art movement: whether they feel it has increased in recent years, if they see it as art or vandalism and even if they would consider buying a piece of street art. The results of these opinions will prove how street art is developing. Analysing not just the public’s opinions but local artist, Oliver Winconek’s opinions on the art and why he and other artists create it and whether he feels street art will develop further or if it shall decrease like any other trend. Street art is seen by many as writing scribbled and painted on a wall, this study is going to explore the true significance and method behind this art form.

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