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Parade is the University of Portsmouth's institutional repository of research outputs (e.g. journal articles, books, exhibitions and other publications) produced by its academic and research staff. Parade can be accessed by anyone online. Latest additions.

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Information for University of Portsmouth staff

From 1st January 2014 the University of Portsmouth's Open Access Publication Policy applies to all peer-reviewed papers published in a journal or conference proceedings. It requires staff to add research outputs to Pure. A copy of these outputs will be automatically be added to Parade (and staff profile web pages) after they have been verified by the Library. For more information, please see the page about Open Access on the Library's website.

What are Pure and Parade?

Pure is the Research Information Management System that will be used as the interface to deposit research outputs in the institutional repository (Parade). They are two separate, but related, systems:-

  • Pure is a current research information management system (CRIS), which will be used to address many of the University's information and reporting requirements relating to research activities. 'Research Outputs' added in Pure will also automatically be added to Parade. In addition to research outputs and associated metadata, Pure can also store information about research staff (profiles), projects, activities and collaborations. The system is being implemented in phases and Pure will be linked to finance and other corporate systems containing research-related information in future, so that it becomes the single authoritative source of research information.
  • Parade is the publicly accessible institutional repository of research outputs (e.g. publications) produced by University of Portsmouth staff. It can be accessed by anyone online.

Research outputs can be added to Pure by your Faculty Depositor. Academic staff will also be able to manage their own profile and outputs in the future if they wish.

If you have any questions regarding the Open Access Publication Policy or the process then please contact emily.bennett@port.ac.uk (Research Outputs Manager). Or if you have a specific technical issue with adding your publication, then please contact parade@port.ac.uk

Take-down policy: Parade operates a immediate 'take-down' policy. Please contact parade@port.ac.uk if you wish for an item to be removed.

Parade@Portsmouth supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of http://eprints.port.ac.uk/cgi/oai2